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Bigger, Better Acme Corrugated Box: a Glimpse Of Our State-of-the-Art Expansion

The last year has seen an approximate 6% increase in box demand, pushing companies like Acme Corrugated Box to capacity. COVID-induced supply chain issues only exacerbated hurdles by creating raw materials delays.

The good news: Acme Corrugated Box’s 80,000-square-foot expansion equips us to accommodate industry-wide demand even more effectively than we have to date. Our enlarged space and its cutting-edge equipment will ensure the on time, on-the-mark service our customers expect while making us one of the most innovative box plants on the East Coast.

“The 30 percent increase in our facility’s footprint will allow for a 50 percent increase in manufacturing capacity,” says Bob Cohen, Acme Corrugated Box owner. “The new construction will house a new high-speed Fosber 110-inch doublewall corrugator line, which will replace a Fosber 98-inch corrugator. We will also be adding a WIP system distinct to the U.S. and designed to allow the total automation of sheet transfer to converting machine centers.” Overall, this expansion allows us to increase manufacturing capacity, further embrace innovation of new products and flute profiles, and give us a greater ability to serve our customers.

Plans to expand our facility actually began before COVID, in 2017. Always committed to staying one step ahead of industry practices via reinvestment into equipment and processes, Acme Corrugated Box retained general contracting services and visited world-leading corrugated box facilities in Europe and Asia that shared insights into their own builds and processes.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic touched down. Consumer spending nationwide reached a fever pitch, contributing to unmatched and ongoing demand for corrugated boxes. Now more than ever, Acme Corrugated Box’s expansion makes sense.

And so, in early 2021, ground was broken on the 80,000-square foot expansion of our Hatboro, Pennsylvania facility, bringing our total footprint to 320,000 square feet.

The expansion is expected to be completed in early November. We’re excited to share the progress made so far.

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