Total Optimization Packaging Software

TOPS® Pro is used by Acme’s Design Department and Technical Experts to plan packaging as intended for use, including optimization of packing, stacking, and loading. Based on expected use of the carton, Acme can identify board grades that will successfully meet requirements, often validated by tests completed in our own laboratory. As a result, Acme can specifically develop and recommend packaging to meet customer expectations without “over packing.”

For customers who use TOPS® for their own planning purposes, Acme is typically able to accept TOPS® files for use in design and technical processes.

TOPS® Pro can configure product and packaging as follows:

  • Actual packaged components (bottles, can, etc.)
  • Internal packaging (corrugated, folding cartons, trays, dividers, etc.)
  • Shipping containers
  • Pallet patterns (optimize or match customer’s pallet size and existing stacking pattern)
  • Trailer loading of palletized packaged product
Accupac Box
TOPS Pallet Pattern
Stacking effectiveness can be evaluated for standard cartons, based on actual weight of product packed in the box. ECT-rated board grade most suited to customer’s application can be determined and recommended, with performance based on extensive testing data from Acme’s own lab.

Impact of environmental conditions can be simulated, including humidity and length of time in storage.

Accuracy and reliability of software has been demonstrated consistently through validating performance of boxes as actually used.