Sustainability Policy


Acme is committed to environmental responsibility, not just through Sustainability measures, but also in how we do business. Acme has years of history in engineering high performance products that consider environmental impacts, from the materials that are used to how they are produced.

Acme’s Shipping Department works closely with production in planning daily shipments carefully and reducing the number of trips our delivery vehicles make daily. We are affecting an annual improvement in excess of 5% per year every year since 2004.

In 2011, Acme established a “fiber reduction” team, focused on optimizing the materials used in the production of our packaging materials. We have worked closely with our paper suppliers – all of which are FSC® certified – to qualify papers with the best strength and performance qualities, even with lower basis weights. This helps to reduce the pounds of material consumed as well as control the overall cost of paper. Acme uses a combination of both virgin and recycled papers to achieve superior strength characteristics.

Acme’s Designers, using TOPS™ and other software, work with customers to design packaging as it will be used, optimizing the box to meet specific needs. In many cases, we have been able to change board grade from what has been previously used, both reducing amount of fiber consumed and overall cost to the consumer. On-site compression testing can be conducted to determine specific box performance. In addition to the packaging materials, we can assist our customers in how they pack their trucks to optimize the load and help reduce fuel costs.

At the forefront of the corrugated industry, Acme introduces new products on a regular basis, many with sustainability in mind. Our PowerWallPlus™ is a remarkably strong double-wall product that is often capable of replacing triple wall, eliminating two layers of paper consumed. We have a line of lightweight products, available in several flute profiles, as well as Kraft and White. In 2013, we added D Flute to our array of flute profiles, introducing board thinner than B Flute but thicker than E, also able to be combined for double wall as BD and ED. This allows for more options in defining the best boxes for our customers’ applications, while minimizing the amount of materials consumed.

For many years, we have had an effective, active Energy Committee that meets regularly to concentrate on the more efficient use of energy. Some of the things accomplished have been the replacement of the in-plant lighting system by more efficient systems, increase efficiency of the boilers, and reduction in process water, to name a few.

Although not always immediately visible within the fast-paced environment of manufacturing high quality packaging materials, Acme maintains a high level of consciousness when it comes to its environmental responsibilities.