High Performance C Flute


In 2011, Acme Corrugated introduced its unique 44 ECT C Flute board, manufactured using high-performance medium with lighter liners. After 6 years of success with 44 ECT, Acme is excited to introduce a stronger single wall board using the same medium material, but with heavier liners. This durable material tests at greater than 50 ECT.

Until now, when presented with packaging challenges that pushed the limits of single wall materials, the obvious choices were often double wall or traditional Mullen grades with heavy liners, both more costly in most cases. Acme’s new High Performance C Flute has been proven to provide more strength than 44 ECT without having to move to 48 BC double wall or extra heavy single wall.


This exceptional material is being used successfully with contents such as food products, pharma and personal care items, pet supplies, chemicals and cleaning solutions, hardware, athletic supplies, metal cans and lids, and much more.


  • Extra strength without having to upgrade to double wall. Stacking strength of 50 ECT from a single wall board grade.
  • Substitute for heavier Mullen grades when boxes do not require a specific burst rating.
  • Configure as conventional boxes or die cuts.
  • Suitable for use with a broad variety of products within various industries.
  • Successful with most automated packing equipment. Folds, tapes, and glues more easily than double wall.
  • High recycled paper content.
  • Available with either Kraft or White outside liner.


Performance Stats 32 ECT C 44 ECT C HP C
ECT Rating (cert stamp) 32 44 50
Flat Crush 68 120 120
Thickness (inches) 0.156 0.160 0.165
Box Compression (lbs)* 554 730 1,014