BD Plus and ED Plus

Super Strength

These unique corrugated products provide the two layers of strength you expect from doublewall (DW) board in two slimmer profiles. Not only will you save on shipping thanks to reduced weight, you’ll need less warehouse space to store your inventory than you need for standard doublewall. If C flute is what your project calls for, ED Plus is roughly the same thickness while offering better strength characteristics and overall performance.

By combining larger and smaller flutes, BD or ED provides tremendous strength-to-thickness ratio. This achieves great strength without the need to double or triple-stack standard corrugated.



  • Offers better protection while having the same profile as C flute (ED Plus)
  • High percentage of recycled content
  • Die cuts easily
  • Improved stacking strength
  • More items per pallet to save space and freight costs
  • Superior printing surface for bar codes and display graphics
  • Improved substrate for label adhesion

Superior Presentation

ED Plus provides superior presentation for printed text and graphics, making it an excellent choice for in-store point-of-purchase, high-end packaging, improved barcode printing, and more. Due to their durability, ED and BD also offer superior security for critical items and reduces quality returns.

BD Plus can be used in place of many traditional grade corrugated products, including:

  • 275C
  • 48 ECT BC DW
  • 275BC DW
  • 51 ECT BC DW