Lightweight Kraft

Lightweight Board Alternative to Standard ECT Grades:

  • Available in all single wall flute configurations
  • Economical option to heavier weight board where stacking requirements aren’t as significant, contents weigh very little, or strong load share is present
  • Proven product with many Acme customers already used routinely
  • Suitable for food, produce, bread, chemicals, consumer products, and more.
C Flute B Flute D Flute E Flute
Caliper/Thickness 0.155 0.112 0.085 0.062
ECT Rating 25 to 29 29 32 32
Sheets per Inch 6.45 8.93 11.76 16.13
Sheets per 48” Stack 310 429 565 774
Die Cutting Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent
Printing Flute lines visible Flute lines visible Minor flute lines Minor flute lines


  • Cost effective option where heavier board is not required for performance
  • Micro-flute options (D and E) provide more pieces per unit and allow for more effective use of storage space and reduced handling.
  • The smaller the flute, the more rigid the board will be. Works well for small boxes, which configure and stack very well.
  • Smaller flutes result in increased ECT ratings while using the same papers as larger flutes.


  • Boxes with large sides will show some amount of curvature due to lighter weight materials, more evident with larger flutes. Lightweight materials are generally recommended for smaller boxes, but there have been successful exceptions.

Compare expected performance to standard applications through TOPS analysis.