PowerWall Plus™

Super Strength

This unique corrugated product provides the strength you expect from triple wall, but in a double wall combination.  PowerWall Plus™ is your multi-purpose solution for a variety of heavy duty packaging challenges.

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes (bulk boxes, bins, Gaylords) are expected to contain significant weight and/or volume.  In addition to that, they are often stacked for warehouse storage or shipment.  PowerWall Plus™ has been used successfully alone or in combination with other materials to create durable, functional, pallet-sized boxes.

Large Heavy Duty Boxes

There are a variety of heavy duty choices for corrugated board that perform very well.  However, there are times when conventional opens won’t fully do the job.  PowerWall Plus™ has been used for large RSC and HSC cartons that have far outperformed other heavy duty options.

Sheet Product

PowerWall Plus™ can be produced in sheet form, with and without scores, to be used where standard corrugated materials are not enough to meet requirements.  In fact, PowerWall Plus has even been used in place of plywood sheets, for items such as pallet pads, protective dividers, and more.  In several cases, sheet product has been combined with wood materials to build a functional crate.

Die Cuts

Despite its toughness, PowerWall Plus™ can be die cut.  While not suited to especially intricate designs, it is ideal for fitted inserts that isolate movement and protect the contents of a box.  Boxes can also have features such as hand holes, vent holes, and similar items die cut.


  • Tests at greater than 100 ECT
  • Outstanding rigidity and flat crush rating
  • Exceptional compression performance
  • Burst resistant
  • Available in Kraft and White
  • Manufactured on site by Acme Corrugated