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Home » Blog » Case Study: Vulcan Spring

Case Study: Vulcan Spring

Case Study: Vulcan Spring
Home » Blog » Case Study: Vulcan Spring

Sturdier packaging materials, same shipping cost thanks to Acme Corrugated Box’s POWERWALL 60®

The Need: A Strong, Light Solution for Loose Content Shipping

Since 1967, Vulcan Spring has produced custom flat springs for retail and industrial uses ranging from medical devices to aerospace applications.

Once ready for transport, the springs are bulk packed loose in boxes and shipped from Vulcan Spring’s Pennsylvania location to clients worldwide. While not exceptionally heavy, the loose packing nonetheless presented an ongoing problem: Shifting weight during transport led to bulge and crushing, resulting in some lost and damaged product.

At first glance, double-walled boxes for shipping might seem like an easy solution. However, double-walled boxes come at a higher price point. Worse yet, double-walled boxes weigh more, which would have created another problem: Increased shipping costs.

Vulcan Spring turned to Acme Corrugated Box in their quest for a heavy-duty shipping box that would arrive to destinations intact without driving up packaging or transport costs.

The Solution: POWERWALL 60®

Our Acme Corrugated Box team went to the drawing board to devise a solution for Vulcan Spring. We came up with POWERWALL 60®, a proprietary premium material that provides – in a single-wall board – the durability normally seen in a heavier and costlier double-wall board box.

Like a thin down jacket that provides the same warmth as its bulkier counterparts, POWERWALL 60® promises the strength Vulcan Spring needed without adding to shipping costs. With an ECT greater than 60 pounds per square inch and box compression strength of roughly 1,200 pounds, POWERWALL 60® is a great solution for sliding or flowing contents such as dry goods, liquids, or other loosely packed items – including springs. It’s manufactured on-site by Acme Corrugated Box using advanced premium paper materials, and is also fully recyclable.

POWERWALL 60® met all of Vulcan Spring’s expectations and requirements.

“We have been working with Acme Corrugated Box for close to three years now,” says Dave Frederick, Vulcan Spring’s Vice President of Operations. “We continue to work with them because their boxes are reliable and durable, and we know that we can trust our springs in them every time.”

Struggling with shipping products that move and ship during transport? Contact us to learn more about POWERWALL 60®.

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