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Quality & Testing

Our Dedicated Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement departments work alongside Operations to make sure our products and processes are always at their best.
Home » Our Capabilities » Quality & Testing

Get the Exact Box You Ordered

Our fully-equipped onsite testing lab, knowledgeable staff, and rigorous quality protocol put your box to the test every step of the way.

Testing at a Glance

Your boxes’ raw materials are continuously monitored for paper quality, moisture content, and bonding of layers. Finished board is tested for warp, thickness, moisture content, and bonding. Critical features such as dimensions, print quality and barcode function are also continuously checked. All quality inspections are based on published acceptance criteria.

The Role of Quality Assurance

Acme Corrugated Box’s robust QA department includes our food safety and internal product audit programs, whose testing verifies essential characteristics of board we produce. From Ring Crush testing that validates paper strength, to Compression testers that check stacking pressure, our strategic checkpoints validate every aspect of box strength and design before it goes out the door. When applicable, we utilize a drop tester to qualify UN boxes under guidelines set forth by the DOT.

The Role of Continuous Improvement

Our continuous improvement department is dedicated to improving safety, quality, efficiency, and overall plant environment. Using lean methodologies and tools, CI works with all aspects of the organization to identify improvement opportunities and develop solutions.

Tests, Tests, and More Tests

We expose raw materials and finished boxes to every possible condition, making sure they perform as promised.

Pre-Production & Production Testing

  • Board and Paper
  • ECT
  • Cobb
  • Pin Adhesion, Ring Crush, Caliper, and Score Bend

Post-Production Testing

  • Drop Test
  • Vibration
  • Box Compression

More Info on a Few Key Tests

Pin Adhesion Test

Measures the strength of the bond between liners & flutes, and how securely the layers hold together

Score Bend Test

Measures the amount of force required to fold flaps – especially important for more rigid materials used with automated packing equipment (case erectors) where a machine is responsible for box folding

Cobb Test

Calculates moisture retention of box liner after exposure to water – the higher the result, the more moisture has been absorbed

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