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Home » Blog » Case Study: POWERWALL 100®

Case Study: POWERWALL 100®

Case Study: POWERWALL 100®
Home » Blog » Case Study: POWERWALL 100®

Acme Corrugated Box’s triple-wall alternative benefits a customer’s operations, bottom line, and more.

In 2015, Pennsylvania-based Kalas Manufacturing – producers of copper wire and cables – reached out to Acme Corrugated Box. They sought to reduce spending on boxes used for shipping and transport and wondered if we could help.

It’s not an unusual starting point for Acme Corrugated Box prospects. What was unusual was Kalas’ appetite for innovation. In the months following, Kalas Manufacturing became an early adopter of POWERWALL 100®, our new-at-the-time double-wall alternative to triple-wall corrugated board. In doing so, they were among the first companies to experience the benefits of POWERWALL 100®, coveted today by industries nationwide.


The Acme Corrugated Box team visited Kalas Manufacturing’s headquarters to better understand the company’s corrugated needs and preferences. Right away, we saw cost savings opportunities above and beyond savings on the price of each box:   

Flat triple-wall boxes were stacked high in Kalas’ packing area, consuming significant amounts of valuable space that could otherwise be used to generate revenue.

Packed triple-wall boxes were primarily short and packed side-by-side, two per pallet, causing overhang that resulted in crushing at the bottom of many loads.

Box bulge was also pervasive – the bi-product of large, heavy-duty braided cables coiled inside.

We knew this was a job for Acme Corrugated Box’s new wonderkid, POWERWALL 100®.


Today, POWERWALL 100® is a sought-after alternative to triple-wall, known for offering comparable strength in a lighter, thinner double-wall combination at a significantly lower cost. 

A decade ago, though, traditional triple-wall board grade was still the only kid in town – much to everyone’s chagrin. Triple-wall board grade is costly. It takes up large amounts of space and requires expensive special equipment to convert. Because few manufacturers can produce triple-wall, availability is limited and lead times are long.

Around 2011, new papers were becoming available, including some lighter options with enhanced strength characteristics. One of these – virgin birch – was an engineering medium offering particularly exceptional strength. Acme Corrugated Box began using virgin birch for our 44 ECT C Flute, maintaining its required strength while creating a lighter product. A lightbulb went off:

Using virgin birch medium, could we match the ECT of triple-wall – but with two layers rather than three?

We developed this groundbreaking heavy-duty double-wall board grade in house. It passed our rigorous internal tests. We named it POWERWALL 100®

POWERWALL 100® is burst and bulge resistant, and more readily accessible and easier to use than triple-wall – a multipurpose solution for a wide range of heavy-duty packaging challenges.

Compared to triple-wall, POWERWALL 100®:

Is more cost effective

Takes up less space

Is readily available

Offers short lead times

Is easy to convert

Like triple-wall, POWERWALL 100®:

Tests at greater than 100 ECT

Offers exceptional rigidity and flat crush rating

Put simply, nothing else on the market is as strong and cost effective as POWERWALL 100®.

Back in 2015, though, we were among the only ones who knew it!  

We showed Kalas Manufacturing our new product’s benefits and pointed to the handful of success stories under our belt. They saw what we did: A unique opportunity to seize operational improvement and cost savings by thinking outside of the (ahem) box via POWERWALL 100®.

Kalas was patient and cooperative as we fine-tuned our design until right-fit results were achieved. Specifically, we worked to better align Kalas’ boxes with pallet surfaces without reducing critical capacity for contents.


POWERWALL 100® was an immediate success for Kalas Manufacturing.  

Because it’s half the size of triple-wall, the company recovered valuable storage space. They appreciate the use of boxes that are lighter to move and easier to build. Crushing issues were resolved, cost of boxes was reduced, and lead time for boxes is significantly improved over triple-wall, from months down to weeks.

“Put simply, Acme Corrugated Box nailed it,” says Jared Reed, Vice President of Bulk Wire Operations at Kalas Manufacturing. “Their team’s solution-based mindset is second to none.  They quickly designed prototypes, performed true life testing and were able to solve our problems in full – all with transparent collaboration and a true focus on us, the customer.”

Need heavy-duty custom corrugated packaging that saves money and solves problems – and won’t create new ones? Learn more about Acme Corrugated Box’s heavy-duty board grades or contact us today.

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