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Board Grades

Standard corrugated, water resistant, and everything in between – we’ve got the best material for your needs, including unique solutions only offered by Acme Corrugated Box.
Home » Product Offerings » Board Grades

Not sure which board grade is right for you? Let us help.

Some of our customers know exactly which board grade they need. Others aren’t sure where to start. Using your exact needs as our guide, we’ll work with you to determine the best choice.    

Fun Fact: 30% of our volume comes from board grades we’ve developed in the last 8 years.

Standard Corrugated

A classic that gets the job done

The most commonly used board grades excels across a diverse set of use cases and applications.

Standard Board Grades:

  • 32C     
  • 32B
  • 200C
  • 44C
  • 48BC
  • 350BC

Heavy Duty

Powerwall 60®

Premium Materials, Premium Performance, Single Wall Board

Need a box that’s stronger, but not double wall stronger? We’ve filled the gap between single wall and lighter duty double grades with something truly different. POWERWALL 60® couples our sturdy high-performance medium with high-performance liners. This achieves ECT 60, with box compression strength of roughly 1,200 lbs., without using excessively heavy papers.

This high-performance material is great for:

  • Snacks and beverages
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Chemicals and cleaning products
  • Pet food and supplies
  • Metal cans and lids

Good use cases:

  • Substitute for heavier Mullen grades, such as 275 C Flute, when extra sturdy boxes do not require a specific burst rating
  • Bulge resistant to contents that slide or flow within the box

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Extra strength without upgrading to double wall
  • Stacking strength of 60 ECT from a single wall board grade
  • Highly burst and bulge resistant
  • Successful with most automated packaging equipment – POWERWALL 60® boxes fold, tape, and glue more easily than most double wall.

Powerwall 85®

Heavy Duty Materials For Diverse Uses

Increased automation in the packaging industry has required us to evaluate the processes of folding and manipulating boxes, where consistency is critical. Powerwall 85 remains flexible while retaining significant strength. Case erectors open boxes and fold flaps with ease. Automated tapers successfully feed boxes while keeping flaps flat.

This sturdy double-walled material is great for:

  • Dry goods
  • Textiles
  • Chemicals and cleaning products
  • Bulk liquids
  • Printed materials

Good use cases:

  • Powerwall 85 has been successfully utilized with UN-certified packaging, bagged elastomers, bulk printed materials, cleaning products, and bagged liquids.
  • A substitute for heavy Mullen grades, such as 450 BC, when extra sturdy boxes do not require a specific burst rating.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Extra strength, yet more pliable than Powerwall 100.
  • Bulge resistant to heavy or dense contents that slide or flow within the box, such as bagged liquids or powders (at around 50 lbs. per box).
  • Suitable for use with a broad variety of products across various industries.
  • Use for conventional boxes or die cuts.
  • Premium paper materials. Fully recyclable.

Powerwall 100®

When You Need One Thing: Strength

POWERWALL 100® offers the strength of triple wall in a double wall combination. Burst and bulge resistant, it’s a multipurpose solution for a wide range of heavy-duty packaging challenges.

Great for:

  • Large, heavy-duty boxes: Bulk Boxes, Bins, and Gaylords that contain significant weight and/or volume
  • Sheet product: POWERWALL 100® can be produced in sheet form, with or without scores. It can be used in place of light plywood sheets as well as pallet pads and protective dividers.
  • Die cuts: Ideal for creating fitted inserts that isolate movement and protect box contents. Boxes themselves can also be die cut for hand holes, vent holes, and similar features.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Tests at greater than 100 ECT
  • Compression strength for pallet size box is 2,500 lbs. or more
  • Easier to handle than triple wall and takes up less space
  • Exceptional rigidity and flat crush rating
  • Highly burst and bulge resistant


D Flute

Available in Lightweight and High Performance

D Flute (also known as T Flute) sits between E Flute and B Flute in thickness. D Flute is available in two forms – Lightweight and High Performance. With ECTs of 32 and 40 respectively, D Flute provides the same strength as standard C and B flutes, with a significantly thinner flute profile.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Superior printing surface
  • Space savings (see chart below)
  • Reduced handling time due to increased number of pieces per pallet/unit
  • Scores fold precisely due to thinner board, with less resistance realized than more conventional B and C flute boxes
  • Boxes stay flatter when stacked
  • Compatible with most automated packing equipment

E Flute

Slim Profile, Crush Resistant

With 94 flutes per foot, E Flute offers optimal crush resistance and the flattest surface for printing. The combination of cushioning and slimness means E Flute can substitute for conventional folding cartons or solid fiber containers.

Great for:

  • Small die cuts
  • Small mailers
  • Tier sheets
  • Pallet pads / layer sheets
  • Partitions

BD and ED

Super Strength, Slim Profile

Added strength without added thickness – BD and ED combine larger and smaller flutes to achieve standard double wall’s two layers of strength, but with thinner profiles. Both BD and ED can be used in place of standard corrugated.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Better protection but same profile as C Flute (ED)
  • Die cuts easily
  • Improved stacking strength
  • Added protection for box contents
  • Allows more items per pallet for space and freight cost savings
  • Superior printing surface for bar codes and display graphics

Water Resistant

Innovative: moisture resistant, wax free, safe for direct food contact

Developed in-house, our game changing AcmeGUARD® is the perfect solution for your moisture heavy packaging needs. With AcmeGUARD®, the contents of the box are protected and the integrity of the box remains intact. AcmeGUARD® coating also provides an anti-scuff surface for packing quality finishes that need an extra level of protection during shipping and handling. It is also fully recyclable – simply process AcmeGUARD® with your normal corrugated waste! AcmeGUARD® coated surfaces meet federal guidelines for direct food contact.

AcmeGUARD® is great for:  

  • Fresh and frozen produce
  • Wet bottles and cans
  • Floral and nursery items
  • Products prone to mold and mildew
  • Fine coated items with sensitive surfaces

Benefits at a Glance: 

  • High level of moisture resistance on coated surface 
  • FDA approved for direct food contact – food will not stick or stain
  • Can be substituted for wax coated materials
  • Fully recyclable


Can the box be immersed in water?

We don’t recommend immersing AcmeGUARD® products. While the coated liner is waterproof, the remainder of the box is not made from the same waterproof material.

Can I glue or tape the box?

Yes. The outside of AcmeGUARD® boxes behave like conventional box materials. Adhesive tapes and labels bond normally. Automated case erectors and tray machines typically use hot melt glue, which will stick to both the coated and uncoated surfaces of the box. Conventional water-based glues will not bond to the waterproof liner of the box.

Can I print on AcmeGUARD® coating?

Yes, for all applications except direct food contact.

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