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Home » Blog » Women in Manufacturing: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Women in Manufacturing: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Women in Manufacturing: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Home » Blog » Women in Manufacturing: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

March 8th is International Women’s Day – a day to consider and celebrate the contributions of women worldwide! For the manufacturing industry in particular, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of women in our field – and the work that remains to be done.


It’s no secret: Manufacturing has always been a male-dominated field. But thanks in large part to changing attitudes and efforts by groups like Women in Manufacturing® and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the gender gap is narrowing. According to a Women in Manufacturing Benchmark Study, today 33% of manufacturing employees nationwide are female, up from 29% just a few years ago – but still nowhere near the 47% of women who make up the larger workforce. Only 1 in 4 leaders in manufacturing are women.


Beyond the inherent importance of equal access to jobs, there are plenty of reasons to prioritize the inclusion of women in manufacturing. Gender diversity and positive financial performance are consistently shown to go hand-in-hand.1 A study by Deloitte points to more bottom line-boosting incentives, including public perception and the positive correlation between workforce strategies and profit.2  Companies with higher female representation at the board level or in top management consistently show higher valuations and payout ratios.3

In addition to the more financially related reasons, the inclusion of women in the industry will bring a much-needed infusion of new ideas, different perspectives, and talent.


So, what’s in it for women?  A lot.

Manufacturers as a whole are making a more concerted effort to get women onboard, giving women an added advantage in what’s already a job seekers’ market.4  It’s worth noting that many manufacturing jobs offer shift flexibility and options, which can help offset childcare shortages and costs that all too often keep women from the workforce5. And finally, there’s the opportunity to blaze the trail for other women looking to enter the field.


Acme Corrugated Box is immensely proud of its growing number of female employees. Thirty-six women work at Acme Corrugated Box today: 12 of them in manufacturing roles. That number is poised to grow as stigmas break down, trade careers gain traction, and as Acme Corrugated Box continues its commitment to equal hiring.

“It really is a great time for anyone ­– and especially women – to consider a career in manufacturing,” says Heidi Morrison, Acme Corrugated Box’s Human Resources Director. “The possibilities are endless. A willingness to work hard can really pay off.”

For all employees, Acme Corrugated Box offers on-the-job training, education, and opportunity for advancement, not to mention competitive wages. And remember, working in the manufacturing sector doesn’t necessarily mean a manufacturing-specific role. From design and marketing to finance and cybersecurity, opportunities abound industry-wide.

“We treat the hiring process equally for all,” Morrison says. “We are very willing to fill roles with women and look forward to continuing to grow our female population.”

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