Moisture Resistant Corrugated Packaging


AcmeGUARD Moisture resistant packagingThis leading-edge material provides you with an alternative that delivers a high level of moisture resistance for your moisture resistant packaging needs. Pack fruit and vegetables while wet, raw or frozen meat, and wet bottles and cans without concern for harming the box.

In addition, the versatile AcmeGUARD coating provides an anti-scuff surface when packing high-quality finishes that need an extra level of protection during shipping and handling.

Acme’s commitment to environmental sustainability makes AcmeGUARD® the responsible choice as a fully recyclable corrugated product. Simply process with your normal corrugated waste.

Moisture resistant paperboardAcmeGUARD materials protect the contents inside the box. On the outside, cartons look and feel like conventional boxes and can be handled and processed the same way. Printed content looks the same. Tape and labels will stick to the outside without issue.

AcmeGUARD coated surfaces meet Federal Guidelines for direct food contact.*

AcmeGUARD moisture resistant paperboard packaging


  • High level of moisture resistance inside of box
  • Feels and behaves like typical high-quality packaging materials on the outside
  • Suitable for direct food contact. Meats, cheese, butter, and other fatty foods will not stick to or stain the coated surface.
  • Can be substituted for wax coated materials in many cases; significant cost savings possible.
  • Fully recyclable, just like conventional corrugated materials, in normal waste stream
  • Available with Kraft or White outside liner


  • Fresh and frozen produce
  • Wet bottles and cans
  • Fresh and frozen meats, poultry, and seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Car parts and electronic components
  • Floral and nursery items
  • Products prone to mold and mildew
  • Fine coated items with sensitive surfaces



What kinds of foods are safe to package in AcmeGUARD materials?

AcmeGUARD products have been used for produce, meats, poultry, seafood, baked goods, and more. Direct contact with the coated liner is safe for food products.

What other products can be packed in AcmeGUARD containers?

In addition to food products, AcmeGUARD boxes have been used as a vapor barrier to keep moisture outside of the package. This can be useful for protecting items sensitive to mold and mildew. In addition, the smooth surface has been effective in preventing damage to surfaces that can be scratched or scuffed by conventional packaging materials.

Is the coating on the box safe for use with food products?

Yes. AcmeGUARD coating is guaranteed as safe for direct contact with food products.
Fatty, greasy, and sticky foods will not adhere to the coated surface, nor will the food absorb anything from the coating.

Will fatty or greasy items such as meats and bakery items stain the coated liner?

No. Typical meats containing fats and sticky bakery items (icing, etc.) will not penetrate the coating and stain the liner.

Will the box leak if frozen items thaw?

No. When a box is designed with specific leakproof corners, liquids will not leak from the box. This is a critical design element for containers requiring this feature. Contents such as fresh fish packed on ice are ideal for this application. Keep in mind that anything expected
to thaw somewhat during transit should be adequately sealed to prevent leakage, no different than conventional coolers or similar containers.

Is it safe to immerse the box in water?

No. It is generally not recommended to fully immerse AcmeGUARD products. While the inside liner is waterproof, the remainder of the box is not made from the same material.

Can I glue or tape the box?

Yes. The outside of the box will behave the same as conventional materials. Adhesive tapes and labels will bond normally. Automated case erectors and tray machines typically use hot melt glue, which will stick to both the coated and uncoated surfaces of the box. Conventional water-based glues will not bond to the waterproof liner of the box.

Can I use AcmeGUARD boxes instead of wax coated boxes?

Yes, in many cases. AcmeGUARD boxes can be an ideal substitute for wax if wax coating is only on a single surface.

Can I print on AcmeGUARD coating?

Water-based printing inks will not adhere to AcmeGUARD coating. However, many inkjet and laser printing materials will bond effectively.

Can I recycle AcmeGUARD products?

Yes. AcmeGUARD materials can be recycled in your typical corrugated waste stream unlike wax coated boxes.

Can I reuse AcmeGUARD packaging?

Yes, in some cases. AcmeGUARD coating provides extra durability and potential for reuse. However, when food products are being packed, it is important to consider all food safety requirements, which may prohibit packing materials from being reused.

*Coating meets the requirements of 21 CFR 176.170 (c) and 21 CFR 176.180 for contact with food types III, IV-A, V, VII, VIII, and IX.